Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery

In years gone by sinus surgery was very limited and not very effective. More recently Functional Endoscopic Sinus surgery (FESS) has proven to be a very useful surgical tool to treat sinusitis.

It is a minimally invasive surgical approach to sinus disease and involves the use of small, high quality endoscopes and cameras to re-establish and improve blocked or narrowed natural drainage/ventilation channels of the major sinuses- Frontal(forehead), Maxillary (cheek), Ethmoid(adjacent to eyes) and Sphenoid(beneath the pituitary gland).

I have been performing this form of surgery for over 28 years and have excellent results in treating Chronic Rhinosinusitis, Polyp disease and nasal bleeding. I use very small, precise endoscopic instruments including micro-debridors to re-establish good sinus ventilation and treat nasal/sinus disease.

My patients are usually delighted by the outcome of their surgery and are very pleased with the absence of pain, swelling or bruising after the operation. I use up-to-date methods and dressings/gels to minimise bleeding during and after surgery.

I regularly use Balloon Dilatation technology to assist me in performing certain FESS procedures which is a minimally invasive technique to enlarge narrow and obstructed sinus ventilation ducts.