Laryngoscopy and Pharyngoscopy

In patients with a change in voice, difficulty swallowing, recurrent dry cough, feeling a swelling in their throat and difficulty breathing, it is often necessary to perform a flexible fibreoptic Laryngo-pharyngoscopy in the clinic. This is a simple, painless procedure to pass a thin soft, flexible, plastic telescope through the patient’s nose to visualise the internal throat, voice box and gullet. I spray the nose with a local anaesthetic spray and after waiting for the nasal lining to become numb, I carefully and gently pass the telescope. The procedure itself takes no more than 3-5 minutes. It can provide me with very useful information in the clinic, assisting in the diagnosis of the condition.

In some cases, it may then be necessary to proceed to admit the patient, on a separate occasion, to perform a more extensive examination of the throat, airways and gullet under general anaesthetic. These procedures are known as Laryngoscopy and Pharyngoscopy. The patients having these procedures are in hospital during the day only (day-case surgery) and if necessary, associated surgical treatments can be carried out at the same time, including removal of vocal cord polyps and nodules, cyst removal and biopsy of swellings.